Just as in ordinary life, the music business is all about the contacts you have and the people you know. Now, you have recorded and produced a wonderful album and your are proud, but if no one hears or sees it the production will hardly reach a larger scale. We know you are no business people and rather busy with creating new stuff but do spend some time on Social Media.

What is your goal? The answer to this question is probably easy, or maybe not. If you're from abroad and would like to tour in Europe you have to ask yourself this question.

Touring in Europe is no difference to touring in for instance North America accept for the distances. When you're in a certain area you can easily go from gig to gig traveling max 2 hours. This is of course if the tour is booked in the same area.

We received this email from emailaddress randysomeone465@xxxx (gmail, hotmail or such kind of email host) and instantly got suspicious. You know why? Because so many emails we get are spam or either worse malicious and fishing emails. Worst case scenario is that one of us klick on a link in the mail that "steels" information from our computers. Now normally we delete that email straight away but I also learned to read the messages, but don't klick on anything!