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Who Speaks English in Europe?

You have worked very hard on that wonderful biography. You put a lot time into the lyrics and of course you used your own language as a native speaker. It is not strange because you have learned so and above all, you're a lyricist so you write beautiful, sometimes poetic lyrics.


The preferred language on whoisontour website is English   because a lot of people in Europe learn this in school. In fact, many people speak English and there are ofcourse a few parts where English is their mother tonque. But for the most part in Europe we learned the English in school level and for some people a higher level of English is hard to understand.


So when you write that wonderful biography for the website, keep in mind that more people than just the Brits and Irish reading these texts. In fact, more than 70% in Europe has a different language as mother tongue. Google translate works fine but sometimes gives funny translations so that the essence of your story might be misinterpreted. In addition to this we think that most readers would prefer to understand a text directly without having to do further research.


We would like to ask in plain English to take this into consideration when you publish something.


It will certainly help the reader stay on your page, and ultimately make a serious decision in favor of your upcoming tour.