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Europe has a huge range of different festivals and music stages. Every country has several festivals and all music styles can be found.

Popular trends are the rock festivals but also the indie festivals are very popular. Jazz was for many years But that there is something for everyone at the festival area in Europe is evident from the large choice of styles.

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At a music festival you come together with people who are of the same mind when it comes to music choice and often lifestyle. You meet new friends and meet bands and artists that you have not heard before. We all know the mega-sized and hugely popular Glastonburry festival in the United Kingdom, the Sziget Festival in Hungary and the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Many thousands of visitors come here every year and the offer on the various stages goes from world stars to lesser known but promising talent.

Jazz music is almost the basis of all music but was very many years for a select and small audience. We are now seeing a growing trend and demand for mega jazz festivals.

Not only the massive festivals where tens of thousands of visitors go crazy for a few days are popular. The smaller city and village festivals where you can often see local talent are also on the rise.

For a band and artist, it's a great way to reach new audiences. A festival programs a varied selection of bands and artists, spread over different stages and often also spread over several days. The wide range of different performances gives the audience new bands and artists that they may not have known before. This is a cross-pollination of fans and bands. The nice thing for a band to spend a couple of days walking around in such a festival area is that you can watch how others are doing and you have the opportunity to meet new fans in person. Also do not exclude the merchandise options. Precisely on this type of event, people want to buy your music and everything that goes with it.

A new trend is the living room and garden concert series. Here, private individuals open up their living room and garden to talent from the area.

Here on whoisontour.org we have registered a large number of festivals in Europe with information about dates, locations, music styles, where to buy tickets etc. Every year we publish the new dates. On the map you can see where the festival is being held and it is easy to find out if there is another festival nearby. This way you can nicely combine your trip to a festival.

We know a lot but not everything. If you know of festivals that cannot be found on our website whoisontour, tip them to also open an account with us.

And for artists who are planning to go on tour to Europe and come to play at one of the many festivals, we would also like to include these bands and artists in our database. The match between supply and demand can then be made.

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