Artists, do research before planning a European tour. A tour is more successful if it is well prepared. Take your time, do research on places to perform, see how it works out logically.

The road to Europe for a touring artist is easy. You book a plane ticket, get on the boat, take the train or take the car and you're off. On the great adventure of a tour.

But if you want to perform in Europe then there is much more to it. Consider the necessary work permits, the visas that are required for a number of countries, do consider a carnet if you like to bring your instruments along on your trip. Also the tax authorities want to be paid for part of the income, sometimes through the location where you perform sometimes directly from you.

Bands touring in Europe. Hundreds, maybe thousands of artists, soloists and bands are looking for performances abroad. The challenge, the adventure and the chance to discover a new audience are a good reason.  But also in support of a release by a record company or by the artist themselves are good reasons to go on tour. If a record company has released your new music they will often also have a touring budget and plan.

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