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Below some simple steps how you can use our site and artists and festival network. If you understand it all and want to get started with all possibilities, sign up now with an appropriate profile and start the collaboration with whoisontour.

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Use the site to search for artists and festivalsUse the matchmaker extended search function. Artists and Bands can search for matching Festivals and Events
Festival and Events can search for Artists and Bands who have planned a tour in Europe.

Use the site for News updates about artists and festivalsRead news updates. Follow information about Festivals and Events and immerse yourself in the biographies of international independent artists on tour. You can also read more about the music business and the latest developments.

Use the site to listen to music of artists on tourListen to the latest albums, soundtracks and other recordings from Artists and Bands who can tell you all about their show. A music fragment says more than a thousand words.

Use the site to watch videos and clips of artists on tourWatch video clips, live recordings and in some cases even tour documentaries about the Artists and Bands being on tour. 

Use the site to match artists on tour and festivals  And finally, the meet and match follow. If you have found the right match you can start making contact. See if you can agree on the conditions. Congratulations if you have found your match!

Our network of artists who plan to tour Europe and the festivals that regularly include international artists in their program has many more options.

The starting point is to form a network between quality artists and quality festivals, music events, the club circuit and the many halls that present live music.

Within the network, artists can see which festivals there are and when they are scheduled. Their music genres, an indication of the available budget and what they have to offer in terms of overnight stays, transport, backline, etc.

For festivals, they can see which artists are on tour in Europe for the next two or more years. Visit their profile where they can watch and listen to the talent and thus find a suitable artist for their festival. The artist has already planned a tour (this is a condition to be allowed to join us) and is looking for several places to perform to make them a series of performances so that, for example, travel costs can remain limited as this can be spread over several performances.

It sounds like a logical path, and it is. Here at, we try to match all these clients and suppliers in one central place, keeping an eye on quality.

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