Country Music Festival

Country Music.

An easy and honest kind of folk music originated in the USA and Canada.

A Country Music Festival is very popular in many countries. This music movement represents the 'simple' peasant life in North America but has become a mainstream movement in music.

Country music is also known as country & western and hillbilly music originated in southwestern America in the twenties of the last century.


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Country Music partly descends from folk music and the western blues. Country music often consists of simple stories about living outside, but also like many other genres about love. Instruments such as acoustic guitar, banjo and more special instruments such as Dobro and the Pedal Steel Guitar and the Lap Steel guitar are often the basic ingredients of Country Music. 

From the folk music genre, instruments such as violin and harmonica and accordion are also a frequently used instruments. In the 1940s the term Country Music was used more and the hillbilly level faded a bit to a more old traditional Country Music style. Around 2009 Country music in America and Canada was the most played style of music and extremely popular.

Hits by artists such as Shania Twain became world hits and put this style of music firmly on the map not only in North America but it finally found a way to the mainstream music market in Europe, a music style that until then was more of a niche market with a small selection of fans and enthusiasts.

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