Concerts near Me

Concerts Near Me.

In the summer period, there are really hundreds of festivals spread across Europe. In every country, there are various types of music style festivals, from huge big dance festivals to small intimate festivals such as the famous Folk Festivals.

Whether you like rock, jazz, dance or pop music, there is a lot to experience for every fan during the festival season in Europe. 

To find all those concerts near you is not always easy. Often you know the festivals in the region but now what if you are on holiday and you want to know what there is to do in the area of ​​live music in your area.

In addition, whoisontour can help you on your way. In our database, we have included a large number of festivals in various sizes and music genres. The database is updated on a weekly basis and more and more festivals are now registering themselves. The more selection, the more fun it becomes. To help you as much as possible with finding what you are looking for, we try to provide as much information as possible about the events.

You can view all types of festivals via the map on the main page. Not only do we show where they are but the extra information told about the event and a link to the tickets has been added. As much information and background as possible is shared. With a fan membership, you can also respond and, for example, add photos, videos, and your own stories. A great way of interaction between you, the festival organization and the artists performing there.

Our database of live music events and concerts in your area is never complete. If you know of any events that suit our artists, then we would like to hear what information we still miss. The more complete the overview, the more fun everyone enjoys using whoisontour. If you have a festival that should certainly be included in our overview, let the festival know that they can register for their own page for free.

The artists and bands that have registered with our whoisontour network can indicate via the same map where they will perform in the coming tour period. This is a great opportunity to see and hear your favorite artist, but also to visit and visit fun festivals near your current location.

So friends, start networking now!

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