How to use the site

SearchkopieUse the matchmaker extended search function. Artists and Bands can search for matching Festivals and EventsFestival and Events can search for Artists and Bands who have planned a tour in Europe.

ReadkopieRead news updates. Follow information about Festivals and Events and immerse yourself in the biographies of international independent artists on tour. You can also read more about the music business and the latest developments.

AudiokopieListen to the latest albums, sound tracks and other recordings from Artists and Bands who can tell you all about their show. A music fragment says more than a thousand words.

VideokopieWatch video clips, live recordings and in some cases even tour documentaries about the Artists and Bands being on tour. 

MeetkopieAnd finally, the meet and match follows. If you have found the right match you can start making contact. See if you can agree on the conditions. Congratulations if you have found your match!