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Just like in the ordinary business world, the music business is no different. It is mostly about who you know. To get more publicity within this network you can easily help each other by liking each other's pages and sharing if you like. This is not about competition but mainly about helping as many artists as possible with international performances. This is reinforced if you have a big fan and friend base.

So help each other with liking and sharing.Like and share other pages because just as in ordinary life, the music business is all about the contacts you have and the people you know. Now, you have recorded and produced a wonderful album and your are proud, but if no one hears or sees it the production will hardly reach a larger scale. We know you are no business people and rather busy with creating new stuff but do spend some time on Social Media.

Social Media is a great way to get more attention to your profile as artist.  Anyone with an artist page on Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter etc can easily help each other by liking pages. It sounds very simple and it is. A large percentage of artists, for example, has in addition to their Personal Facebook page also an Artist Facebook page, usually liked by the fans (and family).

But numbers count in the world of promotion and it is a small effort to give the artists who you can find for example on our Facebook page a like.  Websites like ReverbNation offer the opportunity to become friends and fans, the more people who "like and friend" you the higher the rank. And if you find someone really good you might even share the page with your network. It's all in the algorithms, but the more traffic you generate the more your pages and news updates are shown to others. You don't have to understand how it works but use it at least to help each other getting more likes and higher ranks.

What is there to lose in order to show your appreciation to colleagues in the music business.

I say Thumbs Up To ALL!

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