Using an EPK.

The electronic press kit EPK.

Nowadays speed has become enormously important. The digital world offers this possibility and we make good use of it. The electronic press kit, EPK is such a tool that has become enormously important for artists and bands. An EPK is a digital pdf document with all the important information about a band and artist. In a good EPK, you can store photos, audio links, text and much more to impress a festival or music booker.

Besides that it is an excellent document to introduce your music, this tool is easy to adjust with the current data. If something changes in the set-up of the band, or you have important new things to publish, such as a brand new award that you just received. But you can also keep your EPK up to date with articles that have appeared in the press lately. It is your pdf mini website where you can accurately keep track of all details that involve your career as a music artist and band.

The great thing about an EPK is that you can place it on the work table of an interested booking agent and festival organizer at the touch of a button.

It is a beautiful tool that can mean a lot to the artist and band, but it still depends on your input in the document. it is your own responsibility to keep the electronic press kit up to date. But let's be honest, in this age of digital opportunities, it's the perfect tool to professionally support your career and opportunities. Spend 30 minutes per week going through your EPK and make it a 'living document' that always has the latest data.

We have standardized the kit so that it is easy to complete. It depends on your creativity how you fill it with important information that should help you on your way to new performances at one of the many festivals or in the music clubs in Europe.

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