The electronic press kit EPK.

Nowadays speed has become enormously important. The digital world offers this possibility and we make good use of it. The electronic press kit, EPK is such a tool that has become enormously important for artists and bands. An EPK is a digital pdf document with all the important information about a band and artist. In a good EPK, you can store photos, audio links, text and much more to impress a festival or music booker.

Who speaks English in Europe

Do you know who speaks proper English in Europe? Although many people in Europe like to talk to artists and do their best to understand everything, it is not obvious that everyone in Europe speaks English as their own.

You have worked very hard on that wonderful biography. You put a lot time into the text and of course you used your own language as a native speaker. It is not strange because you have learned so and above all, you're a lyricist so you write beautiful, sometimes poetic lyrics. But are you sure that all readers will understand what you mean to say?

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