How to Create Festival Event PAGE

This is how you can create a festival and event page on our website. This page is public and provides information to artists and fans about your music festival and or event.

On your Promo Page you can place a festival and/or event information, link to music from for example previous performances on Spotify and show videos of live performances and video clips. Also, you can maintain interaction with fans who can join your Page. Put your festival in the spotlight, build new fans and most importantly, get in touch with professional artists who have planned a tour and are perhaps the artist that fits your event perfectly.
The Promo-Page offers many possibilities to bring your festival to the attention. Try to enter as much information as possible. The more details are known, the easier it is to make a match with the right artist and/or band.

You can view and listen to artists on our network to make your choice.
Follow the following steps to create a festival or event page.

Step 1. Sign up as an "EVENT PRO"

Step 2. Create a "PERSONAL PAGE"

Step 3. The administrator must approve your application

Step 4. After the approval, you have to sign in again

Step 5. Go to your own page by clicking on "MY DASHBOARD

Step 6. Choose "MY PROMO PAGE"

Step 7. Now you can create a FESTIVAL or EVENT promotion page*

Step 8. Try to fill in all questions as completely as possible

* an EVENT promotion page is detailed information about your Festival or Event. Here you can post information like "LOCATION" what you offer to the Artists, Add your festival banner and avatar. etc.

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