Northern songbird Cindy Paul is deeply connected to her Indigenous roots and it shines through in every breath and beat....
Northern songbird Cindy Paul is deeply connected to her Indigenous roots and it shines through in every breath and beat. An established songwriter, producer, and visual artist, Cindy was honored with nominations from New York's Native American Music Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards and Milwaukee's Indian Summer Music Awards, featured on the Native American Music Award compilation CD Water is Life in support of Standing Rocks effort to protect the water and composed the theme song for the 2017 World Indigenous Nations Games.

Cindy has played many legendary festival stages such as Boonstock Music & Arts, North Country Fair, and Folk on the Rocks and performed live on workshop stages with Corb Lund, Mary Gauthier, Valdy, Bill Borne, Fred Penner, and Derek Miller. Cindy was featured as a presenter at the 2016 and 2017 Native American Music Awards, NY. Her international performances include The Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, MI, the Gathering of Nations, Stage 49 in Albuquerque, NM, the Indian Summer Festival, Milwaukee, WA, and national events include the Indigenous Women's Justice Forum and the World Indigenous Nations Games.
Cindy's original composition, He Can Fancy Dance is shared for educational purposes on the residential school system and for Indigenous cultural sensitivity and awareness in many conferences and workshops throughout North America and is now currently the subject of an international documentary. Cindy has developed and facilitated visual & performing arts workshops which include songwriting, metis cultural dance, music, and art instruction. She truly believes in educating and healing through art and music and her compositions echo the sentiment to never soften your conviction to make others socially comfortable. With her distinct lyrical metaphors of love bitten with honesty, her passion for sharing her northern stories, and her unique neo-folk style sound, Cindy Paul has taken flight into airwaves worldwide.

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