COVID-19. So far it changed the complete music and festival business.

COVID-19. So far it changed the complete music and festival business.

We all are in this. Every single person who is working in the live entertainment industry is a, unfortunately, part of this international pandemic.

Our front page of whoisontour is normally full of upcoming festivals and artists on tour in Europe and is now completely empty and we have no clue when we can add the festivals again.

At the same time, if we add them, we cannot be sure that they actually will happen in the near future. The question arises, who feels safe enough to travel to another country to perform, not knowing if it is safe and when the situation changes if they still can travel back home.

It is a financial and cultural disaster that many in our business will feel. I see people starting new online businesses but it is hard to find that business model that will pay the bills.
Most artists have no idea how to start this and how to continue.

So far a very sad conclusion but we think that finally, we will all come out stronger and wiser.

For the future we all know now that we need more angles than just a live performance, we do need to focus on side businesses that you can do from home. The Internet is part of the answer.

We at whoisontour are facing all of this, we do not know when and how we can start up again but what we do know is that this is the time for artists to sign up and create an account. You have now time enough to set up your pages and make sure that you get in touch with the buyers as soon as borders are open again and festivals and events will start up again.

For the festival and live events, it’s the same. You probably looked at your next roster and hope to create the best festival possible when the pandemic is behind us. You hope to select interesting bands for your audience. So the same for you is to sign up and create your festival page.

We all benefit by getting in touch with each other, it saves time and effort to gather all promotional material and to make a fine selection of a line-up. We offer all of this on whoisontour. All details you need to know can be added by our members.

Take a look at our site, sign up in the right category, and start connecting with each other.

In the meantime, stay safe and don’t lose your faith, the music and entertainment business will survive, without music there is no life.

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