Hinton Voice: Vinson and Martineau Lifetime Achievement Award

Vinson and Martineau: Lifetime Achievement Award

Singer-songwriter Laura Vinson and her husband Dave Martineau received a Lifetime Achievement Award March 1, 2019, at Hinton's Arts on Fire.
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The years of the music career of Laura Vinson and her husband and music partner David Martineau has again been rewarded with an award. This time the duo singer-songwriters, producer and musicians receive a prize from their own region.

You often receive a lifetime achievement award at the end of your career. Although Vinson and Martineau are happy and honored with this award from the city of Hinton, they are by no means planning to stop the music business. In fact, they have become increasingly busy with their music in recent years. A whole new branch of music has been added to their long career: making music for films and documentaries. In particular the collaboration with People and Peaks productions, a company that makes historical films about the environment and nature in the Rocky Mountains, often appeals to the two musicians.
People and Peaks even made a documentary about the Vinson family in which her own music has been used extensively.

Vinson and Martineau are happy with the prize and dedicate it to their other musicians and colleagues from the band Free Spirit who have also added their creative contribution to many pieces of music.

An award that both stimulates them to make even more music that will continue to inspire and surprise their fans.

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