Distrokid online distribution favorite

Distrokid online distribution favorite

DistroKid online distribution favorite for the professionals. In recent years we have used various online digital distributors for our label Col-Me records. We use this digital record label for artists that we represent as management. In this way their music is also available everywhere after a live performance.

Our absolute favorite for digital distribution is DistroKid. Not only do they offer a competitive price, but they also offer many extras such as publishing song lyrics, adding credits to the songs and they are also very fast with publishing on multiple platforms of your music. DistroKid is the only service that lets you upload unlimited music to stores for one low price.  Highly recommended by your friends @whoisontour!

Digital distribution is more important nowadays than having the physical product. Not that the latter is important because a real CD or DVD is still a big source of income for an artist. And this must certainly remain the case. During and after performances it is fantastic to talk to your fans and sign the beautiful product such as a CD, DVD and now again a vinyl record.

What could be better for a fan to have this product in your closet. And let's be honest, the charm of playing a record or CD is very different from when you play it digitally. We are not going to argue about sound quality because that is very personal.

But all those fans who cannot see an artist live because they live too far away, have no idea whether the artist will ever perform in their neighborhood, that is where digital distribution comes in. Not only because of the possibility to listen to new music, but also simply because of the price.

Em say honestly asl artist, when did it happen to you when there was no digital distribution that your music was available all over the world? Not right?

So we encourage digital distribution and enjoy doing this at Distrokid.

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