VidéPro Video Services

VidéPro Video Services

VidePro Video Services offers our artists the possibility to use video during their tour. We work together with this professional video company that already has made several live registrations and tour documentaries for our artists. Video is a very nice way of showing what happens on stage and/or backstage.

Fans are very keen on video material; it gives an extra dimension and also an insight into the life of their favorite artist. Next to that video is also a perfect tool to show potential booking agencies what artists exactly do. Last but not least it is a beautiful memory for the artist himself.

On Tour Documentary
In a tour documentary (making of) you can clearly see what happens during a tour, both on stage as backstage. It gives the fans an almost intimate look into the artist’s world and of course, it is a wonderful way to record the European tour. Most of the time a tour is quite an experience for artists and it provides a beautiful memory for later. A tour documentary is an extended registration of a performance, but also of the preparation of the performance. You see the interaction between the artists, the suspense just before the performance, but also the unloading of their emotions after the show.

It is also possible to film a semi-live video recording to be used on social media. Really good to build a solid fan base, as the fans at home love to see on Facebook or Twitter what is going on with their idol on the other side of the world.

Live registration
Upfront will be decided how many video cameras will be used during a live registration and in what style a concert or performance will be filmed. The starting point for a live registration is that the performance will be filmed in a way that the viewers can experience the emotions and enthusiasm as if they were there themselves.

Record Your Videoclip in Europe
When an artist is in Europe it is a brilliant possibility to record a video. The artist is in a completely different surrounding and in this way you can record a totally distinctive video than at home.

There are many possibilities in terms of locations (indoor and/or outdoor), but also in terms of style. Naturally, the video company and we can advise you, so we come up together what would be the best choice for the video. VidéPro is a dynamic and creative company that likes to think along with the customer.

Whoisontour has worked together with the Dutch video company VidéPro for years. It is a professional company that provides very good video material for different purposes.

VidéPro is a dynamic and creative company that likes to think along with the customer.

Upfront the company meets with the customer to find out what the customer’s wishes are and to get to know the customer a bit more. In this way, VidéPro can come up with the best idea to realize the customer’s video. VidéPro has advanced equipment and offers many possibilities to film live registrations, (tour) documentaries, videos, and corporate films. VidéPro works with a team of specialists, who can work well together and each of them has their own specialty. VidéPro can film with a video drone in countries where this is allowed. This provides beautiful overview recordings during a live registration or video. Next, to that, there is a wide choice of video cameras: from TV style to cinematographic effect (cinema style). VidéPro is your partner for recording your tour.

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