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Domain hosting and email of is, to our great satisfaction, is now hosted for years by is an innovative supplier of web hosting services. (B-one) was established in 2002 in Denmark and is today one of the leading companies in Europe within the provision of domain names and sales of web hosting services.

For our own roster of artists, we proudly manage dozens of websites. We need the certainty that we are as trouble-free as possible online to serve our customers well. That's why we have all our websites hosted at, a reliable and very accessible organization.

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 We try to make the website work as smoothly as possible. is a reliable partner when it comes to web hosting. For years we have a relationship with this company, originally from Denmark but now has a foothold in many countries.

The website grows as more artisans sign up and festivals and music clubs create a page to bring themselves to the attention. moves with us and provides the right space and has a high percentage of trouble-free days. However, it is always possible that the website cannot be reached due to external problems and technical malfunctions. However, we try to keep this as limited as possible.

If you work with the website, are a member or just want to read some articles and you experience a problem, please report this. Although we are often online ourselves, we do not yet have a 24-hour occupation. Think along with us and report if there has been a malfunction.

All information is welcome, even if parts don't work that you would expect it to do.

If you have problems understanding the structure of the website, we would like to know. We can learn from it and make improvements as quickly as possible.

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